Formula of Success

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Understanding the Client Needs

Major companies, Schools and Universities rely on ION to make a positive first impression, strengthen relationships and provide quality sales and lead generation services. ION creates relationships of transparency with each client. We take the time to understand what the "End Game" is and creates processes and marketing strategies to deliver results.

ION University - Fire Prevention vs Fire Fighting

Many companies end up spending more time correcting issues or behaviors because the proper training or tools to quantify someone's knowledge level is not available. Agreed?
ION University is a complete module based online course curriculum designed to educate and quantify competency levels through scored testing. This process properly prepares employees to perform their duties and understand outcomes preventing mistakes before they occur instead of having to spend resources correcting behaviors.

IONNet - Proprietary Centralized Management Portal

IONNet is a centralize online portal used by every level of employee from agents to executives. It has been specifically designed to maintain complete consistency and transparency across our multiple locations.

IONNet Portal features:

  • Executive Level Reporting and Dashboards.
  • Smart Call Scripting - Compliance and controls are built in to route leads to the proper clients.
  • Full Management Tools - Flexibility to control allocation, caps, priority levels and real time adjustments.
  • Reporting - One central location for analyzing production with multiple data points for quick adjustments.
  • QA - Quality tracking and measurements easily accessible.
  • Knowledge Base - Includes Results, University Curriculum, Self Paced Video Training, Online Exam and Testing.
  • IONtar Scripting System - New to IONNet, this delivers a consistent presentation using pre-recorded audio responses.

"One Voice" Phylosophy

Our company culture is to provide top-quality service, exceed objectives and handle every call professionally and efficiently. Through the use of our proprietary scripting tool along with online reporting portal, ION's call centers follow a "ONE VOICE" philosophy and produce consistent results globally while ensuring the highest level of compliance.