Global Footprint

A well-trained, career-oriented, performance-driven staff supports ION call centers, with 300 domestic Education agents. ION has strategically built our centers in non-metropolitan areas where individuals are career employment vs. just a job. 

United States

By building call centers domestically – and in non-metropolitan areas – we've significantly reduced our overall attrition, providing our clients with a more stable workforce, allowing them to become true "program champions." Our clients are able to take advantage of more mature and seasoned agents, more community support and a stronger work ethic.


ION understands the added benefit to providing options regarding lower cost solutions using an offshore call center.  ION has opened a state of the art 200 seat facility in Philippines to offer a reduced cost solution for our clients.  ION has American management that works from that facility and all our employees complete a two-week “Cultural Information” training as well as screened for voice quality. Our agent selection is very stringent and every ION agent regardless of location follows our scripts verbatim to ensure we provide the voices of our clients no matter where they are located.




Coral Spring, Florida

Fort Lauderdale